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Kishinchand Chellaram Law College

Established in 1955. Permanently affiliated to the University of Mumbai
Approved under Section 2 (f) and 12 (B) of the UGC Act.
ISO 9001 : 2015 (Quality Management System) Certified.

Kishinchand Chellaram Law College


Established in 1955. Permanently affiliated to the University of Mumbai
Approved under Section 2 (f) and 12 (B) of the UGC Act.


Internal Complaints Committee

The committee is established for tackling sexual harassment complaints.

• Dr. Kiran Sharma : Presiding Officer

• Dr. Purnima Joshi : Member

• Dr. Aashish Borse : Member

• Mrs. Vijaya Aney : NGO Member

• Ms. Aruna Sable : Member

• Ms. Aarushi Nagrani : Member

• Ms. Ashna Shah : Member: Student’s Representative

• Mr. Akshata Katara : Member, Student’s Representative

• Mr. Anurag Patwardhan : Member, Student’s Representative

Anti Ragging Committee

The College has a Anti Ragging Squad, but fortunately there have been no cases of ragging in the college.

• Dr. Kavita Lalchandani : Chairperson

• Dr. Kiran Sharma : Member, Faculty Representative

• Dr. Aashish Borse : Member, Faculty Representative

• Mr. Girish Dighe : Member, Civil Administration Representative

• Mrs. Vijaya Aney : NGO Member

• Mr. Nikhil Bapat : Member, Media Representative

• Mr. Anil Rizvi : Member, Parents Representative

• Mr. Anurag Patwardhan : Member, Student’s Representative

• Ms. Vasudha Gupta : Member, Student’s Representative

• Ms. Nazaqat Lal : Member, Student’s Representative

Right to Information

• Dr. Bindu Variath - Vice Principal : Public Information Officer

• Dr. Kavita Lalchandani - Principal : Appellate Authority

• Dr. Purnima Joshi - Librarian : Public Information Officer

• Ms. Aruna Sable - Head Clerk : Asst. Information Officer

Caste Based Discrimination Prevention Committee

The Committee looks after the complaints of discrimination received from students and teaching / non-teaching staff.

• Ms. Aruna Sable - Office In-charge : Chairperson

• Mr. Suraj Jadhav : Member

• Mr. Tushar Pagare : Student’s Representative

Women's Development Cell

A Women's development cell, constituted under the University Rules, takes care of the grievances of the women students pertaining to any sexual harassment acts. The Cell also organises Workshops/Seminars pertaining to women's issues.

Grievance Cell

The College has a Grievance Cell for resolving the problems of students.

Disciplinary Committee

Any student of the College committing any act of indiscipline shall be subject to the disciplinary jurisdiction of the Disciplinary Committee.

Library Committee

Recommends the latest books, journals and magazines for the students. They also train and equip the novice students use the e-library.

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